Selected works by David Robinson


Apostle of Culture: Emerson as Preacher and Lecturer (University of Pennsylvania Press, 1982). A study of theological context of Emerson's early career.

Emerson and the Conduct of Life: Pragmatism and Ethical Purpose in the Later Work (Cambridge University Press, 1993). A study of the social and ethical emphasis of Emerson's later thought. [Chapter Nine "Toward a Grammar of the Moral Life," reprinted in Nineteenth Century Literary Criticism-98 (Gale, 2001)].

The Unitarians and the Universalists (Greenwood Press, Denominations in America Series No. 1, 1985). A history of Unitarianism and Universalism in America.

(Editor) William Ellery Channing: Selected Writings (Paulist Press, 1985).

(Editor)The Spiritual Emerson: Essential Writings (Beacon Press, 2003).

(Editor)The Political Emerson: Essential Writings on Politics and Social Reform. (Beacon Press, 2004).

Contributions to Books

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Journal Articles

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Electronic Source

Robinson, David M. (2003) Emerson: Religion After Transcendentalism. Retrieved December 30, 2004, from the Unitarian Universalist Association web site: